This came to me, titled, “Karma’s a bitch”KATV Channel 7 – Father and Son Drown in Eudora

“Eudora – A man and his son drowned Monday night after the son tried to drown their dog. It happened near the city of Eudora, just outside of city limits. Police say the son fell into a pit full of water inside an old cotton gin and the father went in after him.

Police say the son and his cousin were trying to drown their pit bull, because the dog was old and wouldn’t fight anymore. Before drowning the dog, the son fell in and the cousin ran for help.

18-year-old Eugene Weston Junior and his cousin planned to drown their pit bull in an old abandoned cotton gin across the street from their home.

The gin hadn’t been used in more than 30 years and inside the pit was a thick combination of water, oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and dirt. As the son looked into the eight to ten foot pit, he slipped and fell in.

The cousin ran for help and called 9-1-1. That’s when the father, 42-year-old Eugene Weston Senior, jumped into the pit after his son.

Police say the old gin has been pumped dry and is now covered up. They plan to fill it in with dirt to prevent this kind of accident in the future.

The pit bull is still alive and unharmed. “

What can I say?