Karl Rove’s Speech

I’m not going to write a rant about this because that’s exactly the response the neocons want. The point of vulgar remarks like his is to be deliberately provocative, and as divisive as possible. So far this has worked very well for them. The result is that all dignity has been stripped from American discourse in favor of juvinile tricks like what’s being done to the Fire Rove petition. What fun they’re all having! This country has been reduced to an emotional level below that of the average three year old, turned loose and unsupervised.
The proper response is to uncover the agenda inspiring Rove’s behavior and speak the truth about it. Coming to New York City and saying what he said is incredibly harmful. The aftermath of 9/11, the heroic response to it, thousands of Americans rushing to New York to help, without thought for danger or inconvenience, was one of the most noble moments in American history. To denigrate that and turn it into a cheap joke is obscene. This was, in the most profound sense, a sacred moment during which the country was utterly united.
Can’t have that, can we? There’s no political power to be gained from a united America, is there?

The truth that needs to be spoken about the White House and 9/11 is how well it illustrates that this administration doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of the American people. If they had, they would not have lied to this city about air quality at the World Trade Center site and the workers there would have been able to protect themselves. But that might have cost some money, and delayed the opening of the Stock Market. The same is true about providing a proper cleanup of office and apartment buildings in the area. That would indeed have cost money, and it still hasn’t been done properly. And as a final insult, the government has just taken back money earmarked to follow up with health studies of those damaged by their deceptions.
Also, too bad that going to war in Afghanistan was the wrong war for them. Capturing the mass murderer who killed so many Americans obviously wasn’t as important as capturing Saddam, or it would have been accomplished by now. The hijacking of four planes happened under Bush’s watch, and where was the air force response? Surely there was plenty of time to respond. And, where were Bush and Rove while this city’s mayor nearly got killed because he rushed to the site so quickly? Circling aimlessly in a plane, then hiding in a bunker? True, Bush did eventually get here and give his cheerleader’s speech, full of bravado and promises, some of which were eventually reluctantly kept.

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