Just Pure KKK-Style Racial Hatred

I came across this hate-piece yesterday, and it is still bothering me, so I am bringing it up here. It’s a right-wing anti-immigrant piece, going after the Republican candidates who participated in the Spanish-language debate. It becomes clear early on that it is direct hatred toward Hispanics in general – but then starts going after all non-whites, complaining about “politically correct” pandering to get votes from people who are not “us.”.
Vanishing American: Chasing the elusive ‘Hispanic vote’

I hate even having to write about this disgrace: the Spanish-language ‘debate’ for the Spanish-language, pro-illegal immigration TV channel, Univision.
… They are legitimizing the idea that people can come here, refuse to learn our language, and expect to participate in our political system while being part of a non-English speaking, culturally isolated enclave.
. . . So here they are, truckling to Hispanics, leavening their tough talk about illegal immigration with fawning praise and flattery to Hispanics.
. . . how about some compassion and love for your American constituents, who are tired of violence on the border, bankrupt hospitals, overcrowded schools, crime waves, neighborhoods destroyed, and exotic diseases being introduced into our country — all of which require taxpayers’ money to deal with, or even American lives lost? Where is your love and compassion for your own?
. . . Well, Hispanic citizens — if indeed they are citizens, and most it seems are not — supposedly have the same interests and concerns as the rest of us Americans. At least that is what the politically correct party line holds. … And why should politicians court only certain races and ethnicities? We already had, historically, a special group of people that demands coddling and catering 24/7, and now you politicians have made sure that we have an even larger group of overgrown children who will demand special treatment and coddling and concessions.
[. . .] And I’m really tired of this liberal twaddle about how everybody deserves ‘dignity.’ Who dictated that? Sneak thieves, liars, and frauds don’t deserve dignity. Dignity, like respect, has to be earned and deserved.

And just to drive the point home,

Well, good luck, guys; we will see if your mostly white conservative base is fooled by your contortions and your doubletalk. I am sad to say, I fear they may be taken in.
. . . And if there is any justice, these pandering sell-out politicians will all be out of a job, replaced by people like Villaraigosa, Bill ‘Richardson’ Lopez (who will by then have dropped the superflous ‘Richardson’ from his name) and Melquiades Martinez. These presidential wannabees are fools if they think they can join up with what they perceive as the winning side; they are hoping they can maintain their place in a Spanish-speaking America. Well, buena suerte with that, guys.

This stuff is just pure KKK-style racial hatred. This is what the Republican Party has become.

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  1. Well, as long as this group of “know-nothings” treat the Cuban-American community in South Florida (including a few RepubliCON members of Congress, such as Ileana Ros-Lehtinan) and spends an equal time bashing such illustrious “pure” Americans like Michelle Malkin (whose Filipino parents arrived in the States just before her birth) and Dinesh D’Souza (born in India), then they’re perfectly welcome to spout their nonsense.
    Of course, they won’t since those beings seem to harbor the same general ill-will towards any immigrant who doesn’t happen to be related to them. (And, quite notably, US law ALLOWS Cubans who ILLEGALLY come to this country. All they need to do is CLAIM they’re being persecuted–no proof necessary.)

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