Just Making Shit Up

The new Think Progress weblog has a post about the Washington Times just making shit up about liberals who are “silent” about the Iraqi election.

“For instance, Lakely suggests that Iraq’s election stunned “left-wing filmmaker” Michael Moore into silence. “The last posting from Mr. Moore on his Web site is dated Jan. 10,” Lakely notes, “and concerns ‘Fahrenheit 9/11? being named best dramatic movie in the People’s Choice Awards.” Somehow Lakely fails to mention that Moore’s site has posted twenty-six updates about Iraq and election fallout since Sunday.”

My question is, why would anyone read a newspaper run by the Moonies and shown again and again to lie early and often? In fact, the same could be said about most of the Right’s “noise machine.” Limbaugh, Fox, etc. At what point does credibility start to matter?