Just In Time For The Election

So, the plan is to declare victory and bug out mid-year 2004. U.S. Moves to Speed Up Iraqi Vote and Shift of Power:

“WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 — The Bush administration, moving up its timetable for self-government in Iraq and yielding to its own handpicked leadership there, has decided to try to hold elections in the first half of next year and turn civilian authority over to a temporary government before a new constitution is written, administration officials said Wednesday.

Increasing attacks on American and other foreign forces forced a rethinking of the administration’s approach in recent days, the officials said, lending more urgency to the need for Iraqi self-rule by the middle of next year. “

Do they think the Iraqi opposition can’t read? So now they know it’s just a waiting game. Hold out, kill a few soldiers a day to stiffen Bush’s resolve to retreat in time for re-election, and mid-year they can take over Iraq.

What a mess Bush has gotten us into.