Just HOW Close was CA-50???

In the election to replace corrupt Republican Congressman Duke Cuningham we’re TOLD that Democrat Francine Busby received 55,587 votes, and Republican Brian Bilbray received 60,319 votes. The problem is, THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW FOR SURE because some of the machines are touch-screen voting machings WITH NO PAPER TRAIL!
THE BRAD BLOG: “Results of Close Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election in Doubt!”,

The biggest concern about the race, by far, is that San Diego County uses two types of Diebold voting systems — optical-scan and touch-screen — both of which have not only proven to be disastrously unreliable in San Diego County and California in the past, but have also been demonstrated over the last six months to feature dozens of exceedingly well-documented and remarkable security vulnerabilities, making them extremely accessible to tampering.

SOME of the voting was done on machines with no paper trail.

And then, only if the number of votes cast on the touch-screen systems is smaller than the number of votes separating the two candidates after all of the optical-scan paper ballots have been counted manually. If the margin separating the two after the op-scan ballots are counted is smaller than the number of votes cast on the touch-screens, there is no way of knowing who the winner of the race truly is.

So here we have a vitally important race, AND NO WAY TO PROVE WHO WON?
The results of the election is left open to doubts based on the integrity of the Republicans — in a special election made necessary by a corrupt Republican.

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  1. What a mess! Has the count been challenged?
    The entire country’s going to be in the same mess.

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