Just For Fun – Updated

Just for fun, let’s try a trivia quiz. First one to answer wins – but please continue the discussion.
Promise not to look it up!
Who was the Vice-President of the United States in 1976?
Update – We have a winner. Now – what were the circumstances of his death? NO CHEATING – only answer if you haven’t looked it up. Feel free to discuss however.

5 thoughts on “Just For Fun – Updated

  1. I even know his middle name without looking it up. Honest.
    Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller.

  2. Nelson Rockefeller died while making love to his mistress, a young woman whose name I regret I’ve forgotten. I think a heart attack, but maybe a stroke. I’ll say heart attack, final answer.

  3. I think he was found in his secretary’s bed. Or maybe she called in that he had died in bed from HIS place, at 3 in the morning or something.

  4. It’s sad that younger readers will not have memories of Nelson Rockefeller. They will know him only as the mildly humorous answer to this bit of salacious political trivia.
    I lived in New York for my entire youth and the Rockefellers were at that time the major players in New York politics. They were, of course, uber capitalists, but in those days a few such people were almost decent. Nelson Rockfeller was among those. He had a remarkably warm personality that came through genuinely on all media. I was too young to appreciate politics at all, so all that I noticed was personality. Nelson — unlike his stiff banker and power broker brother, David — had personality in bucketloads. He was a very rare kind of rich fuck and I have missed him.

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