Just Don’t Listen

Someone I know said the other day she doesn’t want a liberal talk show network to start up because it will just give Rush Limbaugh more to make fun of, and she is so tired of Limbaugh and the rest of the right’s nasty insults and mocking and she just wants it to stop.

Well, I don’t CARE what the right thinks. I don’t CARE what the right says about us. It’s just all lies and people shouldn’t waste their time and energy caring about it. I don’t CARE about the right’s perception machine. People need to understand what it is that they do and just stop listening.

I think the way to gain back our own power and immunity to this is to let others know how the right operates. It’s just all lies. The more people realize that it’s just all lies, the better off they will be.

Free yourself. Stop caring what they say. It’s just all lies.