Just Around the NEXT Corner

Echoing all the other predictions over the last couple years of a coming recovery: Prosperity is just around the NEXT corner.

Except for this,

The department said first-time jobless claims during the week ended Dec. 14 totaled 433,000. While that was down 11,000 from the prior week, it handily topped Wall Street economists’ forecasts for 408,000 claims and remained above the 400,000 level that economists say signals stalled job prospects.

Saying it a different way, 400,000 is roughly the line where more jobs are being lost than gained in our economy.

And then there’s this,

While consumer optimism strengthened, new orders for capital goods fell last month, which implies a recovery in the manufacturing sector will be delayed into next year amid a generally lackluster economy, he said.

Well, maybe the corner after that.