Just Another Day

I have to tell you, any day that starts out with getting attacked by a pit bull is not the best day. And I’m not even moving until tomorrow.
I’m OK, Sudeep is OK, the dogs are mostly OK but Buddy will be limping for a few days and Espresso has a cut on her mouth.

5 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. OH MY! So glad you are all mostly OK. Pit Bulls are very scary dogs. Today here in Hawaii a pit bull who mauled a woman on Maui (badly!) was “put to sleep”.

  2. Oh my gosh, I cringe just reading it! Yes, we are all glad everyone and dogs are ok. I was scared half to death when walking my 2 dogs in a small parklike area, these 2 pitbulls not on their leash but with their owners there came running up to us. I was screaming get back, my dogs were barking like crazy and straining at their leash, the owners were running and screaming for their dogs to stop. Fortunately, the dogs did not attack and the owners got there and picked them up. I was so shaken than when he told me he was sorry, I screamed at him he fucken should be. I could not walk my dogs for months after that and I called everyone asking that a sign be posted to keep dogs on their leash to no avail, even tho it is the law!

  3. See, this is one of the reasons why I just can’t warm up to the idea of dogs. Even the nice ones make me nervous. My mom says it’s because she got chased around a fenced yard by a dobermann pinscher when she was pregnant with me. (Maybe that explains more than the fear of dogs 😉
    Anyway, glad to hear you guys are all okay. Best luck with the move.

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