Judge Says Saddam Guilty — Before The Trial!

The story Judge Says Saddam Hussein’s Morale Is Plummeting:

“The ousted president has suffered a collapse in his morale because he understands the extent of the charges against him and because he’s certain that he will stand trial before an impartial court,” Juhi was quoted as saying.

OK, this “judge” says the reason Saddam Hussein is depressed is because Saddam knows the “judge” is “impartial.” In other words, the judge says Hussein knows he will be found guilty. The JUDGE says that! Before the trial. Before the evidence.
Defendent is dpressed “because he’s certain that he will stand trial before an impartial court”! This “judge” has been taking language lessons from the Republican Party.
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5 thoughts on “Judge Says Saddam Guilty — Before The Trial!

  1. Here’s what I hope for: I hope that Saddam and his attorneys will use the trial to remind the world of the close ties which existed between the Reagan administration (cue Rumsfeld’s famous handshake with Saddam in 1983) and other US administrations and his regime and how the US sided with Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war. Hope springs eternal!

  2. Wow Dave, you plumb new depths of stupidity. If I was facing charges of mass murder, using chemical weapons against my people, torture (real torture and not the pseudo-torture that the U.S. is alleged to have engaged in) etc. and there was overwhelming documented proof, I would be depressed. The fact is, both Saddam and the judge (even a completely impartial one) knows that there is a good chance that Saddam will be convicted (not 100%, but even a 10% chance is pretty scary in a case which will most likely carry the death penalty)
    And why are you so worried about Saddam? Or are you a proto-Fascist as most have always suspected?

  3. When does it become real? From todays TIME.
    According to just-released memos, [FBI] agents reported seeing captives shackled in a fetal position for 24 hours without food or water and left in their own excrement, another gagged with duct tape that covered much of his head and another who had torn out his hair after being chained all night in a hot room.
    Army Specialist Sean Baker played the role of an inmate in a 2003 training exercise, he says he was beaten so badly by MPs, who did not know he was one of them, he now has seizures.

  4. Will one of the charges against Saddam be his invasion of Kuwait? I ask that because I am so confused about when it is okay to invade. I had seen on a Frontline report several years ago that Kuwait was drilling into Iraq by angular drilling and that Hussein had run his plans by a woman US ambassador and received an ok he thought. So if this was true, would he be justified to have invaded Kuwait, because they were stealing Iraq’s oil? Like I say, I am so confused on when it is okay to invade a country. I think the US helped him in his invasion of Iran. We did not like Iran at the time. I feel so sad about the people of Iraq. They had no say whatsoever about what their leaders did, unlike in our Country where we can have marches with millions of people begging the country not to go to war, and then be ignored.

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