Journalistic Integrity

Blog readers may have noticed that there are certain popular blog topics that I have avoided. I have specifically avoided ever mentioning a certain writer whose initials, if you add an ‘S’, would be “ASS.”

Joe Conason writes about paying for Salon’s Premium edition when they pay ASS and other right-wingers who lie. I used to recommend that people pay for Salon Premium. With the recent debut of the ASS writer I have to cease my recommendation. Perhaps Salon is trying to gain readers through controversey, but journalistic integrity has to count for something. If we are ever to free ourselves of the influence of the right-wing propaganda and character assasination machine (that Salon has done a good job of writing about) it will happen because honest people shun those who repeatedly get caught lying. For example I recently wrote about George Will who appears on ABC, which gives him credibility. But he repeatedly lies and repeats calculated right-wing smear machine lies, such as the recent NEA smear.

I feel rather strongly about this issue of flat-out lies getting into print. Salon has no business publishing the words of liars who have repeatedly been caught lying. Some of their readers might not be in on the joke. The consequences of the right-wing lie-and-smear machine on people’s lives and on the prospects for peace on earth are just too severe to sanction this.