Journalism Has Standards?

Crooks and Liars steered me to Duncan Black’s smackdown of journalism standards, Journalism 101:

If the responsible media wants to elevate and professionalize journalism to a greater extent, I’m all for it. However, if they want to do so they’d be a lot more productive training their guns on the Limbaughs and O’Reilly’s and numerous syndicated columnists etc… etc… than on “citizen journalists” or bloggers or whatever. To America, Bill O’Reilly is a journalist.
The line between journalism/commentary/opinion/analysis/propagandist/hack was completely blurred by the mainstream media itself long before bloggers came along.

I’ll credit CJR for trying to hold the line and pretend there is still a semblance of journalism standards, but from my perspective whatever standards do exist are practiced primarily in the breach.
Crooks and liars also picks up on Andrew Sullivan’s smackdown of the latest Instapundit endorsement of the suggestion that the media could end the GWOT without firing a shot by just not covering terrrorist acts. If the media ignored them, terrorists would simply go away:

” But the notion that we should somehow not cover mass murder, or that it’s equivalent to misbehavior at sporting events, or that the only reason for covering it is “ratings/profits” is nutty…..We need to see the atrocities these fanatics commit, however appalling, however vile. The job of the media, even in wartime, is to relay facts, not to skew coverage for purposes of morale.

Is “relaying facts” one of the standards that journalists are supposed to have? I guess that explains the massive media coverage of the Downing Street Memo. Was media darling Judith Miller relaying facts when she helped the White House hype WMD stories? Is Judith Miller in jail for relaying facts or covering up a White House scandal?
Ignoring real news and terrorism is already an M$M journalism standard. The vast majority of the 675 terrorists acts committed last year were studiously ignored by the MSM. Faux News and the MSM both give more coverage to runaway white girls and celebrity trials and tributions than they do to terrorists. They also provide more in depth coverage of Hollywood than they do of Baghdad.
The practice of journalism standards in the breach has been on prominant display by the failure of the M$M to cover the Downing Street Memo, Black Box Vote Fraud and Republican corruption. Glenn Reynolds just wants the M$M to take their current standards one step farther.

2 thoughts on “Journalism Has Standards?

  1. At least there’s one journalism standard the M$M can meet. Leave it to Faux News to lead the race to the bottom, but the rest of the media big wigs were right behind them. What an amazing decision.
    If I read that decision correctly, a journalist who refuses to knowingly and intentionally lie can be fired for cause. I wonder who appointed that appellate judge?

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