Jokes About Anthrax

I hope Digby doesn’t mind too much but I’m just going to quote this entire post. I’ve had a bad day, and there’s the torture bill, and Iraq is falling apart, and the housing bubble popping threatens to explode the debt bomb and maybe I’d better start taking anti-depressants. So here’s Digby’s post:

by digby
It really takes a lot of gall for the NY Post to obnoxiously ridicule Keith Olberman for calling the police when some asshole sent some white powder to his house with a note that said it was in response to his commentary against the president. The NY Post was one of the places that the original anthrax killer hit in 2001 — and their own employees got sick.
What in the hell is wrong with these people? Jesus.

I mean, what in hell is wrong with these people? Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Jokes About Anthrax

  1. I’ve wondered whether Bush isn’t somewhat brain damaged from his drinking days, but what we’re seeing in this kind of meanness isn’t brain damage. It happens because it’s now OK, PC, etc. to be idiotically mean. That’s what happens when it’s government policy to demonize people, i.e. democrats and/or anyone not totally following the party line, over a long period of time thus making it possible to consider them less than human. Hate becomes natural and acceptable, and it never occurs to those doing it that they’re the ones who have become less than human.

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