Join a Union

A line in this morning’s The Note, about the dock workers situation here on the West Coast, got me thinking,

The lockout explodes this morning as a political issue, leading the Wall Street Journal : “The move toward intervention cast President Bush solidly with his Republican base: business groups that are often at odds with the country’s big unions. And in this case, the president is taking on a union that is widely regarded as one of the best organized and best paid in the country. West Coast longshoremen can earn more than $100,000, with overtime, plus generous retirement and health plans to go along with it.

Some people would read this and think, “Those guys get paid too much – way more than me – I think unions are too powerful.”

I think about it a different way. I would say to the complainer, “LEARN from it, bonehead! Stop complaining about unions and JOIN a union, bonehead. You’d get PAID MORE and you’d have better BENEFITS and JOB SECURITY, bonehead.”

I mean, you’d think people would figure it out. It’s right in front of their faces. I remember hearing talk at HP of forming a union before the Compaq purchase. But noooo, not THAT. So what happened? The purchase went through and so far at least 16,800 have been laid off. Better that then, God forbid, form a union.