John Podesta and The Center for American Progress are about to launch…

Dave’s been talking to me about Podesta’s efforts for almost a year now, so I’m really curious to see whether they’re able to make a difference. What they’re attempting to do is very similar to what the Commonweal Institute has been aiming at, and talking about, for quite a while. Something, after reading through their materials, that I buy into completely: the “left” (i.e., all of us non-lunatics) has got to build the same type of ideological infrastructure that has enabled the right-wing to saturate the media with their message, and shift the framework for discussion on their core issues far to the right of where it was thirty years ago.

I blogged about this briefly yesterday, on my personal site, in reaction to a NYT Magazine article on their upcoming launch (October 20th, 2003). The main thrust of the article, by my read, was that Podesta, as a member of the Democratic Party establishment, is going to be hard pressed to emulate the kind of paradigm destroying outsider recklessness that propelled the think-tanks of the right to prominence, and enabled them to recast the Republican Party in their image. I think it is a fair point… and of course, as an evil, scabbing, spoiling, vote splitting Green Party member (as Bill the Cat [am I dating myself here?] would say: “Oop! ACK! Thppt!”), my natural inclination is to point to the Green Party’s total lack of inhibitions in this area, and say that its a natural to play such a role. 🙂

But, in respect to Dave’s sensibilities, I won’t go into that. 🙂

You can find out more by going to their web site.

Side note: is, like, George Soros the only billionaire who is willing to put his money where his mouth is? I see that he’s behind funding for this, and of course he’s also dropping $10 million on a broad range of projects designed to oust Bush in 2004.