Jobs Going Away

I got an e-mail from someone today, titled America: the first post-modern agrarian society. …Thanks to American Big Business…

There are soooo many ways to title this message:

American Technology Leadership: R.I.P

America: We Used to Be Relevent, Now All We Have are Nukes

American Business to American Technologists: Drop Dead!

Congress to Technologists: Too bad you didn’t bribe us first!

Business to Technologists: “Hey, You f*cked up! You trusted us!” (w/apologies to J. Belushi)

I’ve never been a “protectionist” but I now understand exactly why the protectionists have been whining so much about the actions of American businesses. I’m out on the job market and I now get it in a really, really big way.

Apparently, American companies want Americans to buy their very expensive products, just as long as they don’t have to hire them to invent/design/produce or otherwise pay them to make such purchases possible. How, exactly, will this country maintain its edge in technology if there are no technology jobs and American business isn’t interested in paying anyone except the CEO and the Board?

Another interesting trend I’ve seen (and been confirmed by several recruiters I know) is making requirements in job postings so fantastic (requiring 15 yrs experience in 20 technologies that didn’t exist 15 yrs ago, etc.) that they cannot possibly be filled and then using the “lack of qualified applicants” as a ruse to bring in H1B candidates as just above minimum wage. This is going on all over NYC.

Just try and get a programming or system admin job at a large firm in NYC. You won’t.

Think such tactics are illegal? Guess again.

Oh, and don’t think going to your congress-weasels will help you — they rammed an H1B extension (and added a several *million* increase in available visas) through as a hidden rider to a bill just before they split for their December break.

So, while they “decry” the problems in the tech industry and the lack of jobs/jobs-going-overseas they are quietly taking money from all the usual suspects (tech firms, brokerages, et al) to put it to American technology workers as hard and as fast as they can.

He then points to this Business Week article.

I believe that he’s on the East Coast. Here in the Silicon Valley area we hear rumors that things are much better on the East Coast. Things are certainly bad here – 25% office vacancy rate. Very high unemployment. Stores closing. Friends whose unemployment runs out and they go on food stamps.

I don’t see how it’s going to get better. People are in debt so spending is unlikely to increase. No one is getting raises. I see nothing that promises to bring back the tech industry around here. I mean, sure, the engineer getting $10,000 a year in India will eventually spend some money, but that’s a net loss of spending of $90,000 per year for each engineer here who was getting $100,000, and a loss of the whole $100,000 spent here. The overall pool of paid talent is not increasing – these are replacement jobs.

And what do we hear from our country’s leaders? Tax cuts for the rich and permanent massive budget deficits for the future are supposed to bring us out of this? They say it will increase the investment capital? Investing in what? They already have zillions and they aren’t investing that! It’s the old, “It isn’t working, so let’s do more of it.”