Jimmy Carter Calls Zell A Mistake

Carter: Miller appointment a mistake:

“Former President Jimmy Carter says the appointment of Georgia’s Zell Miller to the Senate was a mistake because his fellow ex-governor ‘betrayed all the basic principles that I thought he and I and others shared.’

[. . .]

“I would rather not even comment about Zell Miller on the radio,” then proceeded to call the appointment “one of the worst mistakes” then-Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes made in his four years in office.

Barnes tapped Miller in 2000 to fill the vacancy left by the death of Republican Sen. Paul Coverdell. He then went on to win a special election to complete Coverdell’s term, which ends in January 2005. Miller has announced he won’t seek re-election, and Republicans are viewed as the favorites to capture the seat.”

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Zell! On second thought…