JetBlue Caves To Right-Wing Intimidation, Calls DailyKos “Hateful”

Jerome Armstrong has the story: MyDD :: Jet Blue on drugs. The President of JetBlue caves to a right-wing intimidation campaign led by Fox News, and writes a letter echoing Fox news’ characterization of DailyKos as a “hate site.”
Go read.

1 thought on “JetBlue Caves To Right-Wing Intimidation, Calls DailyKos “Hateful”

  1. Having been mauled horribly — and libeled — by the pathological illiterates there, who couldn’t bother to make the simplest effort to check that what I wrote was completely accurate, I offer the the Daily Kossites no sympathy or support.
    They follow the Republican Party motto: “We don’t debate them; we bury them.” They mindlessly (or knowingly) support treason against the US — the 9/11 attacks.

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