Jeeze / World / US:

“Boeing has taken a $20m stake in an investment fund run by Richard Perle, a top Pentagon adviser, underlining the close links it has built to Washington’s defence establishment.

Mr Perle, a former Reagan assistant secretary of defence, is considered one of the most influential civilian advisers to the Pentagon and an architect of the US policy on Iraq.

[. . .]

Two other members of the Defence Policy Board, a retired admiral and a retired Air Force general, featured in an internal Boeing e-mail from January identifying them as company consultants, and claiming they were “engaging” Pentagon circles on the tanker deal.

Mr Perle, whose mixture of high-level business and political contacts has drawn scrutiny, was out of the country, and did not return phone calls or e-mail messages.”

The blatant corruption and criminality just DOES. NOT. STOP.