Jail time for moms who miscarry

That is what HB1677, or the “Report of Fetal Death by mother, penalty” bill, introduced into the Virginia Legislature by Delegate John Cosgrove, would require. If you are a woman and you have a miscarriage–not an abortion–away from a medical center where such things are automatically reported, Cosgrove’s bill would require you to report the miscarriage to the police department within 12 hours– barely enough time to get over the physical pain and exhaustion, the tears with your partner over losing the child you have been prayng for, and the grieving call to your parents and in-laws. Miss that 12 hours by one minute, and you could find yourself facing a self-rightous prosecutor who wants you put you in line for a $2500 fine and a 12 month jail term with the well-know potential for jailhouse rape and beatings. The full story at Democracy for Virgina. An email campaign to Delegate Cosgrove, the author of this attempt to further control women’s bodies can be found at mansworldnot.