Jackie Goldberg on Unions and the Special Election

Speak Out California has a piece by Jackie Goldberg entitled, Why progressive Californians must stand with organized labor on November 8.
I’m highlighting the following statement, for purposes of discussion:

Public employee unions are the only remaining force left to fight against the complete corporate privatization of public sector agencies and employment. Unions are the only voices loud enough to be heard demanding some sort of public health system for all. Unions are trying to prevent further tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of Americans. In fact, the only serious, organized, well-financed resistance to the privatization of schools, hospitals, prisons, water and electricity, and everything else not nailed down, is provided by dues-paying union members.

Emphasis mine. Why is this the case? Doesn’t this imply that the larger progressive community is leaning a bit too heavily on our union brothers and sisters to keep up the fight, out of their own pockets and time? Why is everything being left up to them (barely 10% of the population)? Doesn’t this imply that we need to collectively step up to the plate and establish alternative institutions of equal heft?

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  1. We could also work to strengthen unions — support organization, attempt to organize new industries, that sort of thing.

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