It’s What They DO, Not What They SAY

I left a comment in response to this post over at Daily Kos, discussing why there have been no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.

You gotta learn to just ignore what these guys say — EVERYTHING they say — and look only at what they DO.

What they SAY is only intended to obscure and confuse. Never mind what they say. If you pay attention to what they say you risk getting lost in the fog and smoke. They are really good at fog and smoke. The ONLY way to learn what these guys are about is to watch what they are doing.

What they DID was invade Iraq, seize the oil fields and the oil ministry – AND NOTHING ELSE.

Bush shows up in New York after 9/11 and promises billions of dollars for reconstruction and for the fire and police departments. It never shows up. Bush says his tax cuts won’t cause deficits, as a way of getting Congress to vote to pass the tax cuts. Of course, they caused the biggest deficits in history. Bush does a photo-op at an environmental site, later they cut the funding. Bush talks about being the “Education President” and later cuts funding. Bush talks about patriotism and supporting the troops, then cuts the budget for veterans’ benefits. Need I continue? The only relationship between what these guys say and what they do is they say whatever is necessary to trick the public into believing one thing while they do another thing.

Under the Soviet system, people came to realize that they could not trust government sources of news. They learned to look for what was being done. Under Saddam Iraqis learned to trust what they saw instead of what they heard.

By now the pattern is clear. By now we should all be learning not to waste our time and energy refuting their arguments. That’s just getting yourself bogged down in the fog and smoke. That’s just looking “over there” when they point their finger and shout, “Look over there!” Their “facts” and arguments are just trees. See the forest. The forest is this: they lie. They just lie. They say whatever their polls and focus groups tell them to say. Learn to see only what they do.