It’s Time For Us All To Grow Up – A Rant

It’s time to grow up. We’ve got big problems — really big problems. Experts tell us that we have only a few years to do something about global warming before it becomes irreversible. The housing bubble is popping, the debt bomb is ready to go off, the dollar is falling and Iraq is deteriorating into civil war. And those are just a few of the problems we face.
But we’re worried about whether we’ll look like hippies, or not fit in, or be laughed at, or called names or not be part of the group if we “protest” and make demands.

It’s time for us ALL to grow up and stop playing games, posturing, pretending we’re on some TV show, and start working together to solve our problems and fix our system. I mean the right for playing their games, and the rest of us for falling for them. For several years the right – with money from, for example, tobacco companies and Exxon – has been using psychological manipulation tactics, going after our deepest emotions and fears, using humiliation and derision to split us apart and make us afraid or ashamed, and make us feel like we’re not “in the group” or going to be laughed at if we don’t give them what we want. It has been remarkably effective. And the real-world problems just get worse.
But worrying about how something is going to look or what people will think about us is like getting ready for the high school prom. Look, we have less than ten years to SAVE THE PLANET from global warming and I don’t think we should worry about whether it’s going to look like we are “San Francisco Democrats” or “1960s hippies” if, for example, we propose actually paying our bills or implementing solar and wind energy programs. Reach inside yourselves and find a way to get past that stuff. We are talking about SAVING THE PLANET here, not who is going to laugh at us in homeroom. This is a post-traumatic reaction to the psychological tactic of using mockery and humiliation to manipulate people into supporting oil company positions. We need to grow up and get past that. There is work to do.
The President of the United States insulting half of America by using the phrase “Democrat” Party when the party’s name is “Democratic” Party is just a small example of what I am talking about. That is so childish it shouldn’t be part of serious discourse. But it is what we have been reduced to, and it has been done to us on purpose, as a tactic to distract us from tackling the real, serious issues. Because in almost every case, tackling those issues means confronting entrenched economic interests.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For Us All To Grow Up – A Rant

  1. Good rant, Dave, and you’ve pinned down exactly why we’ve been feeling this way. It’s way past time to start standing up to these bullies. There’s one thing in your rant I don’t agree with, though. This isn’t high school level stuff; it’s elementary school or at best Jr. High level manipulation. Keep us all feeling and acting like scared kids, and we’ll behave just the way the corporate interests want us to.

  2. What’s your point? For every reader of this blog who is even slightly susceptible to the kind of manipulation you describe, there are several hundred thousand — AT LEAST — registered voters who are nearly robotic in their utter thrall to the economic elites who use them like lab rats. What do we do about THAT?

  3. Richard, unless you missed Dave’s obvious point, you can, like, you know, talk to every “lab rat” you know?
    And if we each do that …

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