It’s the Information Sources, Stupid

Those of us who get our information over the internet have lost sight of the current state of America. WE are informed. They are not. WE get information. We are referred to articles from British or Indonesian or Israeli papers. They get fed stuff by those same news sources that we spend our time complaining about.

We are reading The Daily Howler. They’re reading the blatantly biased stuff that The Daily Howler laughs at!

We mustn’t forget that polls show that most people believe that Iraq was behind 9/11, that Iraq has nuclear weapons, etc. The public believes that this economy is Clinton’s fault. The public believes that tax cuts for the rich “create jobs” and that the “Death Tax” will cost their kids. WE know these are false, they don’t. How could they know? The aren’t reading Seeing the Forest. They aren’t reading Eschaton.

The stuff we are writing about is for real. This isn’t just a bunch of people with computers fooling themselves. By and large the bloggers GET IT.

The Republicans get it, too. That’s why they have made such an effort to bring the sources of information under their influence. The question is what to do about it.