It’s The Economy, Stupid!

1) The inevitables weren’t. Iowa tan New Hampshire. Excellent. My California primary vote will count this time.
2) It’s the economy. I saw some info that indicated a lot of people voting in New Hampshire had the economy as their #1 concern. I saw other info that said that of people whose number 1 concern was the economy, a large majority voted for Clinton.
Question, do a lot of people heat their houses with heating oil in New Hampshire? More than Iowa?
Update – Here is CNN’s Political Ticker saying much the same thing:

The economy was the top issue of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters with 39 percent citing it, according to CNN exit polls. Sen. Hillary Clinton was the clear favorite of those voters as 44 percent of them went for her compared to 35 percent who went for Obama.
Clinton also performed well with those voters who said they were falling behind financially. Nearly a third of Democratic primary voters identified themselves in this category and those voters broke for Clinton over Obama by a 10-point margin.