It’s the Draft, Stupid – Calling All Bloggers

In the 1992 election James Carville hung a sign in the Clinton campaign “war room” that read, “It’s the economy, stupid!” He was saying that the issue that was going to win for them in that election was the economy, and everything else was a time-wasting distraction. Perceptions about the economy tend to decide elections because people tend to vote in their blatant self-interest.

In this election I think there is another issue that is a winner: the Draft. I think if young people start to believe they could be drafted they will register and vote because it is in their blatant self-interest. There are enough young non-voters to completely change the dynamics of this election – even in the short time remaining to get them registered.

The news from Iraq is not good. We are not winning, the anti-American insurgency is gaining momentum, and we obviously need a lot more troops there as soon as possible. This is why we are hearing about National Guard and Reserve call-ups, as well as stories about troops being threatened with being sent to Iraq if they do not re-enlist. It appears that Bush is waiting until after the election to do something about this – and this politically-motivated hesitation means that things will be even worse in November than they are now.

It’s just reality that our military is stretched too thin in Iraq, and consequently is stretched too thin in the rest of the world. If ANYthing happens in another location, like Korea, we are in trouble. We should have a draft in effect NOW, but Bush will not discuss this before the election for obvious political reasons.

If we can start getting the word out that a draft is coming, it will be self-re-enforcing. Every time Bush calls himself a “war president” it reminds young people that they are of draft-age.

I encourage all bloggers to start writing about the draft. It is coming, and it is necessary, because of the mess that Bush has us in. We need to start explaining this. Older bloggers can write about their own experiences in the Vietnam era. Let’s get the word out!

I am not asking bloggers to link to this piece, I am asking you to write about the draft on your blogs, and say that it is coming, that young people had better start paying attention now because they are going to find their lives taking an unexpected turn after the election.