It’s Republicans Doing It

I woke up this morning thinking about something Chris Bowers wrote at MyDD a while ago. We need to start to tie Bush and the war to “Republicans.”
Chris Bowers discovered that when a certain percent of the public can identify which party controls the Congress, the other party gains seats in the next election. (Doesn’t matter if they correctly identify which party.) He suggested that Dems advertise that Republicans control the Congress to win this election.
I think we in the blogosphere are hyper-informed and don’t really understand where regular people are at — the thought that regular people can’t even identify who controls Congress boggles our minds. But that’s the way it is. Regular people are in a different world than the one we are in, get their information in different ways, and retain information for different reasons. The better we understand and utilize this, the better off we will be at getting regular people to see things our way.
So before we work to pump “facts” out there, we need to cover the basics. Let’s start by making sure that the public identifies their troubles with Republicans.

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