It’s Privacy They Have A Problem With

Read this story in today’s NY Times, Republican Lawmakers Back Senator in Gay Dispute. This is a story about Republicans standing behind Sen. Santorum’s bigoted comments about gays. But toward the end is this:

Mr. Santorum, who did not speak in public today, has refused to apologize and said that his remarks were more directed at the right to privacy rather than homosexuality. He said his position was shared by a majority of the Supreme Court in upholding a Georgia antisodomy law in 1986.

Got that? They justify this by saying that they don’t just have a problem with gays, they have a problem with PRIVACY! So if you thought you were safe from the Republican jihad against gays because you aren’t gay, (or perhaps you’re one of those right-wing gays who is well hidden in the closet), you’re wrong. It’s PRIVACY that Republicans have a problem with. YOUR privacy.