It’s Not Just The Information

In previous posts I have said that if more Americans were getting actual news they might change their opinion of President Bush and the far right. Recent polls showing that Americans still believe that Iraq was at least partly behind 9/11 are examples of beliefs based on lack of information or misinformation.

Today I was reading the comments over at tacitus’ blog. In particular this post. And in particular there look for comments from “carter.” Or, if you can stand it, go read any comments over at Free Republic on any given day. I think the problem is deeper than just information, it goes to the context for understanding the information. For some, simply being told (by the right people, with the right code words) that Bush is “a good Christian” is enough, and after that it simply does not matter what he does or says, they’ll support him.

For others, knowing that Bush supports the correct policies of the right is enough, and it simply does not matter what else he does or says – even if he publicly says something completely opposite of what they know his position to be; the lying doesn’t matter, doesn’t bother them at all. An example of this is in the comments is AmeriCorps where the commenter faults Bush for starving AmeriCorps rather than killing it. So he understands that Bush is starving it – but in public Bush SUPPORTS AmeriCorps! I guess that’s OK. That’s something I have noticed – the lying is OK as long as you they think Bush is on “their side.”