It’s Just A Campaign Issue

In this NY Times story, White House Tries to Dismiss Iraq Claim as Campaign Issue, the Republicans are all over the place talking about how this is all political.

The Republican National Committee issued a statement tonight asserting that “Democrats politicize war in Iraq,” while party leaders declared that Democrats did not have the standing to challenge Mr. Bush on the subject.

What depth of cynicism is required to accuse the Democrats of politicizing the Iraq situation? What degree of irony is demonstrated in this statement? This from the people who forced a war vote just before the 2002 election, who moved their New York convention into September so their candidates can participate in 9/11 memorials, who pumped fear into the public to get them to vote their way.

They don’t even get it, that this isn’t about politics, or Democrats. They don’t get it that the public is concerned with issues of war and peace, truth and honesty and integrity. They don’t get it that the credibility of the country is diminished, and this is important and will have consequences. Truth, honesty and integrity are no more to them than words to use when focus groups show they are the best way to persuade a few more people to vote for The Party.

They aren’t concerned with the substance, they’re concerned with the politics. It’s all they know. To them everything is politics, everything is The Party, everything is advancing their ideology. They don’t even understand that people might be upset by what they did, upset that kids are dying, upset that we invaded a country with no reason, except to the degree that it comes up in a focus group, and then they’ll design a “strategy” for “damage control” instead of answering the public’s questions.