It’s come to this

When is this going to stop? Iran is in the Axis of Evil. Syria isn’t quite, but they’re plenty bad. This is what Bush’s war has gained us: we’re now begging Iran and Syria for help.
And that’s the good plan, from the Baker Commission. The bad plan, from Bush, is an endless war against no enemy in particular.
People are always asking, “What better alternative do you offer?” But the first step is to admit that the war was wrong from the start, and Bush will never do that. Bush’s war is his whole life. There can be no improvement until he’s out of there.
For the sake of the country, his friends should ask him and Cheney to resign the way they asked Nixon to resign. Otherwise, they should both be impeached. (And shouldn’t it be the hawks who are pushing for Bush’s impeachment? From their point of view, if partnering with Syria and Iran isn’t utter failure, what would be?)
The people in politics and the media who got us into this mess should all put paper bags over their heads and sit in the back of the room forever. They should never be allowed to live this down. (Really, they should be horsewhipped in the public square. Maybe the Patriot Act has a provision allowing that.)
Help, Iran! Help, Syria! We need you!