It’s Because They ARE Gay

Frank Rich asks Just How Gay Is the Right?
I’ll say it a little clearer: The rabidly anti-homosexual wingnuts are obviously gay and ashamed of it.
Why else would they be insisting that the presence of gay people risks “luring” straight people to become homosexual? This wouldn’t even occur to a person who is not fighting such urges.
Why else would they be insisting that being gay is a “lifestyle choice?” These are people who think they can act straight, and are fighting their impulses every minute of their lives.
It’s obvious. And it’s why so any of them DO turn out to be gay and living double lives.
Update – From the comments, this, with my favorite line,

This time they bring out a beautiful porterhouse and a freshly roadkilled possum. Do you see the difference? Only someone who was truly fond of possum AND beef would see it as a choice.

“Beef and Possum” — sounds like a great name for a gay bar.
Update – A great name for a blog: “Beef and Possum.” What do you think?
Update II – Take the poll!

8 thoughts on “It’s Because They ARE Gay

  1. As I research Leo Strauss, political philosopher, cult leader and idol of the neocons, I’m only finding dark hints about the gayness of his followers. I have more research to do on exactly this topic and I’d appreciate any information. I do know that gay kids were flocking to the U. of Chicago back in the dark 40s and 50s like bees to honey because the word was out that it was a safe haven for gays. That’s why many of my friends went there, and believe me they needed a safe and receptive place to go. You can’t imagine how horrible conditions were for gays.
    Exactly why they’d then turn around and try to bring back the bad old days is something we need to think about. Interesting psychological phenomenon! There was a certain glamor and danger about being gay then; one could be a member of what was really a truly elite and exclusive in-group, and now it’s merely ordinary and normal to be gay. Couples living together, raising families, and going to the Episcopal Church just like everybody else.

  2. I not only agree, I posted an expanded version of this concept a while back over at meanderthalwhere I blog. It was also a column in our local alt weekly. I think you will like what I say and how I say it but, if you don’t, feel free to show me where the holes in the logic are.

  3. Kewl!!
    Thanx for the pat on the back. And yes, that does sound like a good name for a gay bar, a little scary but good.
    One friend of mine said that he had a wingnut coworker that he made read the column in the newspaper and after that, he would ask him every day “So, what did you choose today? Are hetero or homo today?” It warmed the cockles(sp?) of my heart to hear that.

  4. King James, the openly gay blade that conscripted that work of fiction known as “the bible”…
    Damn, I been tryin’ all day and I just can’t flush the fucking thing down the toilet.

  5. Uh-Huh

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