It’s All About The WORDS

NY Times today, Taking the ‘Victory’ Out of City’s Victory Parades

While Bush administration officials say they welcome the offer, they also say they worry about how such events may be perceived around the world and are urging a different kind of parade for a different kind of war fought in a very different era.

Rather than victory parades that might appear to be gloating, the Pentagon would prefer celebrations that emphasize the recognition of fighting forces’ accomplishment in toppling a dictator.

The Bush administration, which has shown great discipline in preparing its public message during the campaign against terror, wants the world to see an America honoring liberation, freedom and democratic ideals, and not gloating over a fallen adversary in the Arab world.

They’re not allowed to use the word “victory.” And now it was about “toppling a dictator” instead of saving the United States from the imminent threat posed by Iraq’s massive weapons of mass destruction programs?

It’s all about the WORDS to this crowd. It’s all psy-ops, here and abroad. Lean to look at what they DO, not what they say. The words are just a cloud of smoke and fog and are designed to obscure what is happening.

Since they can’t use “victory” they should just use the correct word, “OIL.”