It’s About Corruption

Here is a comment I left at my post over at Huffington, You Should Be Outraged By What Is Being Done to Our Postal Service:

This is about more than the Post Office, it is about this whole billionaire-funded anti-government operation that has been attacking our We, the People government for some time — all for their personal enrichment. “Privatization” means they get rich from something that We, the People used to do or own. “Limited government” means getting We, the People out of their way. Etc.

The main thing we need to do is get the influence of money out of our politics.

1) Ban corporations for using corporate money for anything other than operating the corporation. That includes funding “think tanks” and other propaganda outlets.
2) Limit the amount that individuals can donate to candidates to a few hundred dollars, and require free TV time for candidates at all levels.
3) Ban “independent” spending on candidates and politics.
4) Ban any government employee from going to a job that pays significantly more than they were paid in government. This stops the “revolving door” bribery.

There are a number of other steps, but first we have to recognize that this anti-government propaganda we are smothered in is really just about corruption, not ideology. (Unless you can name anything the conservative movement advocates that doesn’t just happen to enrich a few billionaires.)