It Was Part of the Plan

Written this afternoon while Blogger wasn’t working, posted now:

I’m listening to PBS’ Fresh Air show, an interview with Wayne Slater, co-author of Bush’s Brain, a book about Karl Rove. Slater just described how in Bush’s 1994 campaign for governor Rove prepared a “whisper campaign” smearing Ann Richards. Before the campaign they made a commercial with Bush saying that Richards had insulted him personally. This commercial was prepared because they were worried about how the public might react to their attacks and smears against a popular Governor, a woman. So they prepared in advance a commercial with Bush complaining that she had attacked him personally. Then they worked hard to get Richards to say something about Bush, baiting her with constant personal insults, and when she finally said something they went up all over the state with this commercial.

Think about this. Before the campaign they prepared a commercial with Bush complaining that Richards had attacked him personally. They did this because they were plalning a smear campaign against her.

Remember this whenever you hear Republicans playing victim, complaining about being attacked, to justify their lies and smears and nastiness. It is all an act. It is all played for effect. They just lie.