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Bush announced his plan to turn Social Security into a welfare program for the poor only. And the Right has already started saying we need to get rid of the program, complaining that everyone else has to “subsidize’ the poor… Pardon My English: Progressive Indexing of Social Security: Bend Over Middle Class:

The idea that those earning $25,000 annually or even twice that much, or three or four times that much for that matter, should be subsidizing seniors who apparently haven’t had enough ambition to drag their asses down to the Wal Mart and get a job as a greeter is ludicrous.

(P.S. How many lies can you spot in the piece? For example, Clinton never said people earning $30,000 were “rich.” He did ask for an income tax on Social Security recipients with incomes above $30,000. But these are RETIRED people wo are not working — think about how much you have to have in the bank to get $30,000… Why SHOULDN’T they pay income taxes?)
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  1. I thought from the start that the whole point of the privatized account idea was really to get a very small “compromise” private line item on every young person’s pay stub. They would look at that (and with the constant urging of the media) come to resent that the rest of their FICA tax was going to pay for the lazy, stupid bastards who are unable or unwilling to pick such a fine wealth-building savings vehicle. As soon as the fucking repug scum can reduce Social Security to another typically American us-vs.-them deception, they will have destroyed it. Now, with the private accounts dead, they are going directly to their ultimate goal without the ruse.

  2. Steve Soto on the leftcoaster has an excellent article:
    Here’s a little of it:
    2)…the Pozen scheme was a perfect way to get the media to think that Bush was going after the rich to help the poor, when in fact the middle class would get harmed the most and the wealthy would be unhurt by the Pozen scheme.
    3) The Pozen scheme gives the far right what they’ve wanted all along: a way to convert Social Security from being an egalitarian senior safety net into a hated welfare program whose support will wither after decades of middle and upper income wage earners seeing themselves pay into something that they will get little benefit from. Bush’s embrace of the Pozen plan now allows the wealthy to oppose any increase in the tax ceiling by wrapping themselves in the deception that they would rather help the poor. with Bush’s plan.

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