It looks like Franken has beaten Coleman

Cue the Republican core constituency:

Stolen election! Stolen election! Stuart Smalley, ha ha ha! Franken wasn’t funny on SNL! Franken asked for the recount because he was a sore loser! Ballots found in the trunk of a car! Somalis!!!!!!!! People voting twice with “duplicate ballots”! ACORN!!!!!! Franken wants to count invalid absentee ballots! Minnesota sucks! Worse than Chicago! Communists!

Republican losers have all the class of tweaking Wichita Falls Cowboys fans after another blown game.

1 thought on “It looks like Franken has beaten Coleman

  1. I expect the rule of law will prevail for both political parties. That’s why I thought the Dems were whining about Sen Gore’s lose.
    Keep in mind that LBJ and Carter enjoyed 60 seat majorities in the Senate. Carter was able to pass PROGRAMS — Dept of Energy, Dept of Education. But Carter was nearly run out of town on a rail based on economic PERFORMANCE.
    Beware hubris no matter what the seat totals.

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