It Just Spreads

This comes to me from Public Nusiance, who got it from Atrios.

From its inception we have watched the NEA smear as it spreads. We all know it is a lie. We learned how it was just made up. We’ve talked about those (here, here and here) who repeat it, KNOWING it is a lie. I’ve been writing about this, and sometimes fuming.

Here is an example of a true believer picking up the lie and believing it:

The National Education Association preaches anti-Americanism, telling teachers to indoctrinate students with stories of American imperialism.

The whole piece is worth reading, because it seems to me to be pretty much on the edge of a call to violence against non-Christians and I think it shows where tolerating these kinds of lies, unchecked, WILL take us. Remember, Timothy McVeigh was filled up with this kind of stuff by Rush and the rest of this right wing liar crowd. Obviously those who make up and spread this stuff feel little pressure to stop. Very little public ostracism. Few, if any, notable “responsible” people speak out. In fact, they are well rewarded for their efforts, and it works.