It Just Happened

I was clicking through channels, stopped on Fox for a second, a guy was saying “the war broke out just about three years ago.” I like that, “the war broke out.” Not “The US invaded Iraq” but “the war broke out.” Cute. It just happened. Somehow.
Question: hypothetically giving Bush the benefit of the doubt, just for a minute assume that he really really believed that Iraq ordered 9/11 and was preparing to attack us with weapons of mass destruction… (retch) … So even giving him that, wouldn’t you think that someone making THAT bad of a mistake and starting a WAR … (breath) … wouldn’t you think that was a reason to get the FUCK out of there and get someone COMPETENT in the job?!!!

5 thoughts on “It Just Happened

  1. Guess you’re unclear as to how the American system of government works…you see, we had this thing back in November of 2004 called an “election”, in which the voters of America decided that GWB – warts and all – was eminently more COMPETENT than the alternative.
    But these particular elections – caled “Presidential” – only occur every 4 years! So I hate to break the news to you but you won’t have the chance for GWB “…to get the FUCK out of there…” until November of 2008.
    Or are you making the case for Dick Cheney to be the President?

  2. You guys continue with manipulations and lies.
    We didn’t go into Iraq BECAUSE of 9/11, we went into Iraq to PREVENT another 9/11 like attack from happening!
    Quit with the manipulations already! There’s no honor in it.

  3. Stuff happens and everybody is totally helpless to do anything about it in this new age of responsibility.
    President Bush says amnesty for me but not for thee.

  4. ‘The war broke out’ – one could not make these things up! Another ‘gem’ heard recently on Australian radio: ‘US involvement in Iraq’.

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