It Didn’t Work, So Do More of It

I thought Bush’s “1.6 trillion dollar tax cut” was supposed to fix the economy. Now it’s worse. Bush’s logic is, “It didn’t work, so let’s do it more.”

Over at WTF, Maru has this from last night’s Crossfire:

Rep. McDermott: Would you like to talk about how many people have lost their jobs since he took over? I mean, didn’t he cut taxes a trillion dollars? He cut it a trillion dollars, and what do we have? More people lost their jobs. We’re further in the hole. We’re in deficit spending; this guy wants to go to war, which is a drag on the economy. And, at the same time, he wants to cut taxes. Now you can’t do that. You cannot pay for a war and also give it out the back door.

Actually, he has a lot more than this so go check it out! (And keep an eye on Novak’s name as the transcript progresses.)