Israel, Iran, Spies and No One Upset

Just a few quick words, before we head out to the Palo Alto Art Fair. (Bloggers with lives, on summer Sundays.)

A month ago a story hit the press just before the Democratic convention, and became The Story, and no one talked about anything else. It turned out the story was a hoax, a smear, calculated to hurt the Democrats and useful to further the Republican story that Clinton was responsible for 9/11 (even though, or more to the point BECAUSE 9/11 happened On Bush’s Watch.) I’m talking about the Sandy Berger story.

Like a carefully prepared scientific study, we now have a second case that we can compare. A major story has broken (see John’s post below) that has much more “meat” to it, and that is much more serious. Spies for another country penetrating our government at the highest levels, and steering American policy into war with countries that are not America’s enemies. Serious stuff. So how does the press coverage compare? And how outraged are America’s self-proclaimed “patriots” now that the shoe is on the other foot?