IseFire’s Comment

In the comments to the You’re Gonna Be Drafted post, “IseFire” left this:

“Let the draft come. It will be visted on the sons and daughters of many Bush supporters. A new poll suggests that “Voters are uneasy about Democrat John Kerry’s ability to handle an international crisis.”

At this point, I think I have given up on the American electorate. They have chosen to be dazzled by Bush’s falsehoods: falsehoods about himself and falsehoods he spreads against John Kerry. They choose this man, Bush, who ignored national security reports warning him of terrorists determined to use airplanes as weapons; who sat immobilized in a classroom–the glassy look of mental short-circuiting coating his eyes–when told that the second plane had hit the WTC; who then used the 9/11 attack (an attack against America in my city! that endangered my friends and killed seven men from my fire station one block away) as an excuse to invade Iraq, misleading us as to Iraq’s capabilities, and because of this let the war against the terrorists flounder when he switched all our resources to this reckless invasion of a land whose oil he coveted, a nation devoid of WMDs and terrorists, but which now–thanks to this man–teems with huddled masses yearning to make Americans bleed. This man, Bush, in the process of all of this turned us into the most despised nation on the planet, a nation that will get little help as we sink into Iraq’s abyss, suffocate under debt caused by Bush’s tax giveaways to the rich, and eventually wake to the full magnitude of the horrible consequences that his “dry drunk” illogic and grotesque misunderstanding of Christianity has wrought.

All this as Bush’s record, and America is worried about Kerry’s ability to lead in crisis?! Then, America deserves George W. Bush!

Heaven forbid America election John Kerry–a man who in the crisis of combat, of ambush, took charge and saved the life of a comrade. Heaven forbid America elect a proven senator with a deep patriotism that is combined with an international worldview. Heaven forbid America elect someone who as a gov’t prosecutor went after organized crime and made life better for thousands. Heaven forbid America elect someone who shed blood in foreign lands…for us! for YOU! and who then returned and spoke out against a war because he hated too much to see us do the wrong thing at the expense of our young men! Heaven forbid we elect someone with a sterling education evocative of the learnedness of our nation’s Founders! Heaven forbid we elect someone who has the compassion to care, the savvy to practice wise diplomacy, and the connections to pull the globe’s democracies back together into a more perfect confederacy of nations determined to cooperate against the threats of religious extremism and terrorism. Heaven forbid!

And heaven just might forbid it, or so it would appear. Our nation has never been so corrupt; the poor have never been so poo”

Fortunately it continues at his website.