Is This Legal?

One more Repubican front-group weighs in. NRA to Montana: Obama a threat to gun owners,

The National Rifle Association said Wednesday that Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to mislead voters about his past support of gun control, calling the Democratic candidate “a poster child of the extremist, elitist gun control movement.”
. . . The NRA plans to spend $40 million nationally this campaign season, and has yet to determine how much will be spent in individual states.

Update I wasn’t clear enough. I believe the NRA is the kind of “issue” organization that is not allowed under the tax and election codes to support or work against individual candidates. Like Vets for freedom, Freedom’s Watch and the other Republican Party front groups that are out there working against Obama.

6 thoughts on “Is This Legal?

  1. I don’t know if it’s legal or not. But of course it SHOULD be illegal to criticize politicians!
    They are precious little lambs and just cannot bear to be criticized! Poor souls.
    Is your blog legal? I think you’ve said some derogatory things about politicians once or twice.

  2. I’m talking about an organization prohibited from supporting or working against candidates saying this about a candidate.

  3. hey Jay Putz – go troll somewhere else
    If you have an argument, make it. Otherwise stop with the hit and run posts.

  4. BadGimp – A sigh for you. I’ll say it all boring-like for the humorless:
    My argument is that it should never be illegal for anybody or any organization to criticize politicians or the government. It’s called freedom of speech.

  5. Dave, I believe those rules do exist for 60 days before elections – perhaps the NRA is going to get its licks in now before we hit that point in the cycle.
    It’s an abdominal law, but I think you’re correct that it does make it illegal to run ads against politicians (poor lambs!).

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