Is There A Terror Threat Or Not?

The Bush Administration has a habit of terrifying us with “terror alerts” and then acting like there really isn’t anything to worry about. They won’t fund cargo port inspections, they won’t provide money for cities for terrorism preparedness, and worst of all they politicize the terrorism issue, dividing the country in half. There is no question that they used terrorism alerts politically to get the public stirred up for war with Iraq. (And then, after the invasion, didn’t even bother for weeks to send teams to look for weapons of mass destruction.)

Now we have what they say is the most serious terror threat since 9/11, but they are encouraging people to gather in large numbers. Shouldn’t we be afraid? At least one congressman is acting responsibly – a Republicans no less! Shays’ comments draw fire:

“Some New Year’s-related comments from a Connecticut congressman are getting an angry reaction.

Christopher Shays told a T-V station (W-V-I-T) that he wouldn’t go to New York’s Times Square ‘for anything.’ He also urged New Year’s revelers not to go, citing terrorism fears.

Shays says it’s irresponsible for federal officials to make people think they don’t need to take precautions — like avoiding packed crowds in New York City.”

If something happens tonite we’re going to look back and wonder why they allowed half a million people to gather in Times Square with a terrorism alert in effect. What are they thinking? Is there even a little bit of concern for the public in their thinking, or is it all, all just political calculation?

UpdateThe Mayor of New York:

“New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg accused the head of a House of Representatives panel on terrorism of lacking courage on Wednesday for shunning the traditional Times Square New Year’s eve celebration because of security worries.

Bloomberg, appearing on morning television programs Friday, equated showing up for the street party with defying terrorists.”

Packing half a million targets people, into Times Square to “defy” the terrorists. Right.