Is the lady a tramp?

I’m not sure what to make of emptywheel’s article at The Last Hurrah, but it sure sounds like Judy Miller was perhaps a little too embedded with the leader of the unit she was reporting on when she wrote all of her misleading stories for the NY Times about WMD.
What Judy Miller did as an embed in Iraq, Part one.

And no fewer than four sources have either e-mailed, called, or, in one case, run up to me on the street to tell me that what I termed Miller’s “especially close relationship” with Chief Warrant Officer Richard Gonzales, the leader of the WMD-hunting unit Miller was embedded with during the war, might have been, well, very close indeed.

There is much more to emptywheel’s story than meets the eye. I am definitely looking forward to Part II: Next Installment: Judy’s sources get weird.