Is Obama Weak?

Watch this video: “We need a fighter.”

I strongly suspect that last week’s news on Obama backing off the public option led to a perception that Obama is weak, and backs down when intimidated, and was part of the calculation that led to this: West Bank settlement growth looks likely and this: North Korea: Uranium Program Near Completion
If you back off from bullies they don’t just go away. Apparently Obama needs to learn this, and fast.

5 thoughts on “Is Obama Weak?

  1. I don’t think he is weak so much as he is not ready for this. He expected it to be easy and surrounds himself with people who only think like himself and kiss his ass. Then he is surprised when things go wrong.
    Not weak. Severely out of touch. Even with his own party.

  2. We all had a chance to elect some one who would fight for health care reform. Obama should let Hillary ramrod the reform efforts. At least she understands the importance of the public option.

  3. The only thing I can say is that my wife, (a slightly left-leaning Republican) and I, (a more than slightly left-leaning Democrat) are both fed up with our president. We watch the news and read the paper, and look at each other and sigh.

  4. To be fair, utahrambler, I thought I WAS electing some one who understood the importance of the public option.
    buriedeep: Good god how could a marriage like that possibly work? I can not imagine.

  5. GoGreenSaveOurWorld-
    Simple. We have a great deal of respect for one another.
    It helps that she is a sharp, sweet Republican and not of the nutjob variety. Keeps me on my toes.
    We go our rounds on issues which always leads to some intense reconciliations. A man can’t complain.

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