Is Obama Admin Enforcing Laws and Regs?

The hallmark of the Bush administration was lawlessness. Laws and regulations were ignored, enforcement was scoffed at. The powerful were always, always given a pass. Political opponents were prosecuted, or in the case of things like wearing anti-Bush t-shirts, were just harassed, removed, etc.
Question: Is the Obama administration now enforcing laws and regulations? I don’t mean in the cases of torture, bribery, contracts inappropriately given to political supporters, launching illegal wars, political manipulation of the government, etc. all of which occurred under Bush — we already know they are not investigating and enforcing existing laws in those cases.
No, I mean, except for the obvious. I mean the day-to-day enforcement of regulations and laws.
I ask because I have not heard of any new enforcement of employment regulations here in Silicon Valley. For example, in the rare cases where any hiring is occurring, is the government checking to make sure that the rampant age discrimination has stopped? Are they making sure that women are paid the same for the same jobs? Are they going after companies that pollute? etc?