Is Marshal Wittman a Democrat?

“Surprisingly, his old Republican comrades don’t seem to hold any grudges.
“We’re keeping a seat warm for him,” says O’Beirne.
“Marshall reacts against the stifling orthodoxies he confronts, so he goes over to the other side,” says William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. “On the other side, he finds the same idiotic orthodoxies, so he reacts against that.”
“His politics have changed, but he’s never lost his sense of idealism,” says McCain, who can’t resist adding a gentle dig at his friend: “I expect him to be employed by the vegetarians next. The vegetarians and the libertarians are the only groups he hasn’t worked for yet.””

Gee, he couldn’t be trying to sabotage the Democrats, could he?
The whole business of Wittman / McCain making overtures to the Democrats is all about Bush being too strong for McCain, and the Democrats being so weak that it seems that a stranger could walk in off the street and take over the party.

1 thought on “Is Marshal Wittman a Democrat?

  1. Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, Wittman’s agenda is promoting McCain’s next presidential run.

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