3 thoughts on “Is John McCain Disabled?

  1. I am also rated as “disabled” by the VA. Any servicemember who has a service-connected illness or injury is entitled to VA compensation. This line of attack against Senator McCain will alienate many people. Democrats do not want to stoop to the level the Republicans did when they ridiculed Senator Kerry’s Purple Heart and his service in Vietnam. We’re better than that. We can win on the policy issues.

  2. Bridgid, I don’t see the Obama campaign as having won the PRESUMPTIVE Democratic nomination on “the policy issues”.
    The Obama campaign was rife with attacks. The “bitter people” in Pennsylvania who cling to “guns and God”. The “Bros, Not Hos” t-shirts. Michelle’s only becoming proud of this country this year. The calls for Hillary to “iron shirts”. The attack on Ferraro for using one of Barack’s OWN quotes (about his being lucky to be where he is). And how about Pfleger’s spurious attack on Hillary the week before Barack decided he “had to” resign from Trinity? (This wasn’t some man who’d never had contact with Obama. He’d worked with Obama on many occasions.) The whole media circus over Hillary’s RFK comment (which, for some reason, could only be interpreted as Hillary’s “wish” that Obama be assassinated).
    I suppose as soon as someone tells Obama what his policy issues are then he’ll be able to campaign on them. So far all he’s offered is “hope and change”. As they say, “talk is cheap”.

  3. Oh, and I completely forgot to mention the “progressive” community’s outrage that Hagee’s endorsement of McCain was SOMEHOW the equivalent of Wright’s inflammatory comments. I have no love for either Hagee (who IS a boil on organized religion’s butt–much like Wright) or McCain (though I will give him credit for what good he has done in the past) but this was completely unfair as McCain hadn’t spent the last twenty years sitting in Hagee’s church, listening to Hagee’s venomous words. Of course, given how many changes Obama went through after the Wright tapes surfaced (“I never heard Wright say anything like that” but then he said the tapes were taken out of context–hard to believe if he’d never heard the words in the first place–then Obama distanced himself from the words but not his “crazy uncle” since Wright was no worse than Obama’s white grandmother and then when Wright made even more outrageous comments, he was suddenly no longer Obama’s “crazy uncle” and so on), it really is hard to say with any absolute certainty if Barack Obama who was a member of Trinity ever actually listened to a single sermon or if the Obama who resigned that church knew there was even worse out there (just as Oprah seemed to learn).
    No. According to some “progressive” sites, McCain’s relationship to Hagee was EXACTLY IDENTICAL to Obama’s relationship to Wright (even though Hagee didn’t officiate at McCain’s weddings nor did Hagee baptize any of McCain’s children nor, for that matter, did Hagee’s main church suddenly relocate to Arizona so that Hagee could become McCain’s “mentor” and “spiritual advisor”).

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